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So what is Foresight Records? We are for all things music. From creating it to promoting it to enjoying it. The name - if you've ever asked anyone who has achieved what they felt in their heart they were set out to do, if they knew it would be their reality one day, more often than not they'll respond by saying yes. That's what foresight is. You have to know. We knew. I know at least. We are all writers in one form or another. We are everything we set out to be. In conjunction with Young Hungry and Educated and Bid D O Pro, the production division of the record label, you have a three headed monster ready to take the music industry and the world by storm. Keep in mind for its four managers, Foresight is also four-sight. Four elements of Hip Hop. Four different perspectives cohesively woven into classically superb ideas motivated by music. This is who we are, and you'll soon see what we'll become.

“Ultra-Lyrical Hip-Hop,
Surrounded in Keen Observation”
— HoTT

Hailing from the bitterly cold surroundings of Syracuse, New York, comes a new emcee whose musical conviction is dedicated both to new and old generations of underground Hip-Hop fans alike. Utilizing a bevy of weapons in a ceaseless lyrical arsenal, HoTT engages his listeners with poignant rhymes that reflect on topics that range from politics to the ever-present struggle presented toward the oppressed in America and abroad.

“HoTT” Appeals not only to every true Hip-Hop head’s inner activist but also to their raw aural attraction to the true aesthetics that once made Hip-Hop the ultimate format for critical expression. Weaving intricate webs of technically sound wordplay over intoxicating production, HoTT regularly puts forth a myriad of multi-syllabic bars and verses that arguably could be stacked up against many of the game’s current phonetic phenoms.

Indeed music does flow seamlessly within the twenty four year old body of the emcee from upstate New York. Gifted with a knack for intelligent and engaging communication, his every musical composition breeds an insatiable hunger for knowledge and wisdom amongst those that hear his true message.

-BIG D O (